Natalia Moons Blames X Factor Producers For Her Meltdown

Natalia Kills is incapable of apologizing.

In her rant heard round the world, Kills is now infamous for bullying X Factor contestant Joe Irvine because she felt his look copied her husband, fellow judge Willy Moons. Kills and Moon issued a statement Wednesday night justifying their actions, then followed it up with a chat on Billboard.

In her release, Kills said she was “encouraged to be outspoken and things got out of hand,” while Moon added, “The reality of ‘reality’ TV is that there’s a lot the viewer doesn’t see.”

“Obviously sometimes TV producers plan drama for ratings and it totally back fire[s] on them. But if that was another stunt then it was badly..,” Kills wrote to Billboard. “When you’re under contract there’s no room for error, so I wish I could have spoken up and addressed Joe sooner. It’s awful he got dragged … Into this but I wish him all the best on reality TV and with his music.”

Reports swirled her label dropped her to save face, but the coerced damage control, according to Kills, is tabloid fodder.

“I don’t know why the media said I ‘lost my record deal,'” she wrote. “I changed management months ago and parted with Cherrytree Managment [sic] but I’m … Still on Interscope UMG for now, I’m working on a new project and I’m celebrating Madonna’s album release with my song Holy Water we co-wrote.”

She requested Billboard share the following collage – her best effort to continue saving face (both of them). “Like I said, I don’t know who was in on it, or where the idea came from but it’s a shame for everyone that happened.”

Natalia Moons Blames X Factor Producers For Her Meltdown

Asked how the newlyweds are doing, Kills responded: “We had no idea what reality TV entails and how much or how little of it is reality. I am still shocked that all happened but we’re delighted … To be back and enjoy quality time together as husband and wife!”

She declined to answer if she or Moons has spoken to contestant Joe Irvine since the encounter, instead saying: “After working with Madonna and starting a new music project myself, I’m just so happy to be back in the recording studio writing new music.”