Nanny Lawsuit Reinstated

October 3, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney can’t seem to go a day without being hit by a lawsuit! A judge today reinstated a $20,000 lawsuit from a former nanny / housekeeper who’s suing for unpaid wages from her time with Britney in September 2007.

The nanny, Ferizal Zaltash, filed suit in October 2010, but was dismissed in March by Judge Joanne O’Donnell “after she found Zaltash’s lawyer, Robert Gentino, failed to file papers demonstrating his efforts to have the pop star served with the suit and a summons,” reports

On Sept. 9, Zaltash’s lawyer filed papers asking that the case be revisited. His papers stated that he had called O’Donnell’s courtroom during the March hearing, but the case had already been called by the judge and dismissed.

“Gentino said in a sworn declaration that he took full responsibility for the late call and the failure to file the appropriate papers in March.”

“O’Donnell said today she was satisfied with Gentino’s explanation. At the lawyer’s request, she transferred the case to a judge who handles cases with damages under $25,000. Gentino said he still has not been able to serve Spears with the suit and summons, even with the help of media people who believed she might be at certain locations shooting videos. He said he will likely have to ask the new judge for permission to serve her by publishing a notice of the suit in a newspaper.”

Umm… good luck with that, Zaltash.