Breathe slowly then watch Janelle Monáe’s new clip for “Yoga.”

Janelle Monáe has an important message for you: let your body do the yoga.

To support the lead single from “The Eephus“ EP, Monáe released the music video for her incredibly catchy caviar ratchet yogi anthem called “Yoga.” She combines the world of fitness with nightlife, a beautifully confusing hybrid of genres that surprisingly makes for an interesting video.

In the Dave Meyers-directed visual, Monáe encourages young adults to perform a back-bend during a night of drinking. The video is a simplistic batch of scenes inside a stylized New York City studio before the furniture is replaced with a dozen yoga mats and choreography.

Up-and-comer singer Jidenna makes a smooth cameo in the vid as a yogi-womanizer entrepreneur who has an affliction for low budget, high calorie restaurants, apparently.

The yoga studio seen throughout gets the inevitable nightclub makeover and the video concludes.

“Yoga” is an underrated bopper that deserves more attention than it’s received thus far, so give the video a play and let us know what you think in Exhale!

Baby bend over / let me see you do the yoga.

Sidenote: I needed her to include a downward dog reference to complete things.