Harper’s Bazaar representative insists that Britney Spears was never more beautiful than during her photo shoot last week.

Britney Spears has pulled a Demi Moore when she posed **** on the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar – especially when covered with title “438 Best New Ideas.” But in fact, Britney Spears has declared a new era of Britney.

Posing **** in artsy Goth-themed story shot by Alex Lubomirsky was the perfectly right thing to do for Britney Spears, who was slammed for the lack of class and style during her infamous interview with matt Lauer. Britney Spears looked far away from the pop princess we once knew and loved when she has shown up undressed, with hair messy and makeup undone. During the emotional interview she even ended up in a makeup disaster pulling on her false eyelashes!

That’s not Britney anymore. New Britney Spears is serious about taking her image back and becoming the **** siren she once was.

In a photo story shot by Alex Lubomirsky Britney Spears completely beats Demi Moore to whom she is compared these days. Britney went more naked than any star before her, striking provocative poses in skimpy bikini on a white knit-fur coat, with her rounded belly on full display. She goes completely **** in one of the shots, if you must know.

There are some demure photos as well, such as the one where Britney is wearing a floor-length backless black dress and holding her baby son Sean Preston.

Yes, we have seen the photos. No, we are not going to share them with you. But believe us, they are incredibly stylish, if not **** or saucy like many Britney Spears fans were probably expecting. Hey, this is world’s oldest fashion magazine, not *******.

Harper’s Bazaar representative insists that Britney Spears “was never more beautiful” than during her photo shoot last week, as quoted by ABC News.

“Since word leaked out about the shoot on Monday, people have been desperate to get their hands on the exclusive photos which were posted on various Web sites without permission from the magazine,” Hearst media empire rep added.

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