Recent **** photos, reportedly of singing sensation Britney Spears, have turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. But no one is laughing at, the online poker site that shelled out an astonishing $40,000 for the set of 16 photographs.

The original story broke on March 17th and was immediately picked up by news outlets around the world. In the article, internet poker site reported the completion of a sale on a popular auction site where a collection of **** photos of Britney Spears was purchased for $40,000.

The photos were reported to have been put up for sale by a New York City based memorabilia dealer, who claimed that Spears’ ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was the original source of the pictures.

Once the story broke, a friend of Spears was quoted as saying that the star “is flipping out” and saying that Spears is furious because the photographs are fake. A spokesman for Justin Timberlake also stated that the affair is “complete bull,” according to the National Ledger. While this is the usual, and expected reaction from Camp Britney, in this case it turns out to be true.

While stated that photos may be made available to members of their internet gambling site, they had said that no action would be taken until lab results could verify the authenticity of the photographs. Preliminary reports are now in, and suggests that the photos are, in fact, forgeries, using the latest computer software to super-impose Britney Spears’ head onto another body.

Whether or not a lawsuit will be filed against the memorabilia dealer has not been disclosed, but what is certain is that the management of is not happy after being duped out of $40,000.

“The sale did not carry a disclaimer stating that the photos may or may not be of Britney Spears,” states Carl Westbrook, of the internet gambling site. “The auction directly stated that the images were proven to be **** photos of the pop star.”


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