Mystery Skulls, Brandy & Nile Rodgers Could Go Number 1

It better land at number one.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Brandy returns to the music scene with a feature on Mystery Skulls’ (AKA Luis Dubuc) new song titled “Number 1.” It also sees a feature with Nile Rogers who co-wrote Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

It’s like the 70’s had a love child with 2014 and birthed this highly-addictive bright dance track that blurs the lines between disco, EDM and pop.

“I wrote the song with [Brandy] in mind,” Dubuc tells The FADER of “Number 1.” “Then one day she heard it through someone we both knew, and she said yes. We were in the studio like a week later. When she showed up, she asked to sing on my other track, ‘Magic,’ as well. Brandy’s voice is stunning!”

You can’t have a song called “Number 1” that doesn’t land at the top of the charts. Get to streaming:

I need a remix with Missy Elliott STAT.