Mýa cautions young women about the perils of the music industry.


Mýa cautions young women about the perils of the music industry.

Mýa is a music veteran, and while she might not have the soaring chart debuts like she once helmed, she’s remained a musical force for nearly 20 years – before the booming digital age and social media storm projected up and coming artists to the top thanks to streams and overexposure. The singer sat down with VLAD TV to discuss her forthcoming projects, but it’s her calm and collected demeanor that stole the show.

A subject lighting up the biz currently is sexual harassment in the music industry. Kesha’s horrendous trauma with producer Dr. Luke, who she claims raped her and wants out of her recording contract with him and Sony imprint label Kemosabe Records, takes center stage around the topic. Lady Gaga has also shed light on it with her Diane Warren-penned ballad “Til It Happens To You,” along with admissions of sexual abuse from men in music.

“If you start early in any game without knowing who you are and being solid in some type of foundation… it’s very dangerous for you as an individual,” Mýa says of it. “You have to not be desperate. You have to be willing to say… I’m good. **** you, and walk away.”

The Smoove Jones singer clarifies that this type of mistreatment towards women happens in every business, not just music, however she specifically notes Kesha’s situation, calling it “a living hell.”

She adds: “I find it horrific to have to be bind to negative energies. It’s unfair whether you’re a male or female. I would definitely have to say those in power, that want to abuse it and get off on abusing it, definitely plot on their prey, and you have to be willing to sacrifice anything that you think you might benefit from. A career, etc, and say ‘no.’ Period. And learn how to do it yourself.”


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