“After being privileged enough to actually hear the song ‘My Prerogative’, I must say Britney Spears is definitely improving musically. The song, ‘My Prerogative,’ is very spacey, a futuristic vibe with a heavy bass at times. I can’t compare to anything I’ve heard from her except it sounds like if, ‘Stronger,’ ‘Toxic,’ ‘Girls & Boys,’ and ‘Chaotic,’ all collided and smashed into one song. It has a wide appeal; it’s dancy, dark, and simply irritable. The vocals are fresh and clear however toward the breakdown they do get into that mechanical type voice used in, ‘Toxic.’ I have no doubt that this song will explode it’s one of the best quality songs in a while. If rap didn’t dominate or Britney promoted herself better I could even see this getting to #1.


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