Back in late June, I stated: “someone give Keri Hilson a call!” when reporting a story about Britney working at the Palms’ music studio in Las Vegas. Well, like the headline says, my prayer has been answered!

ExtraTV reporter Carlo D. attended an MTV press conference last Friday, as did singer / songwriter Keri Hilson, who co-wrote Britney’s “Gimme More.” While the meeting did feature Keri Hilson & Brit’s old assistant Felicia Culotta, it was not about the pop star herself, but a press conference announcing the Jonas Brothers are set to play at the 2008 VMAs. But will Britney?

The ExtraTV reporter, who asked if Hilson was working with Britney, recorded a short interview with Keri which can be SEEN HERE. Hilson discusses working with Britney, and that Britney is just a very sweet, normal girl.

Looks like we can add her to the long, longggg list of producers set to work with Britney for her next studio album.

Let’s try this again: Someone give The Matrix a call!

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