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It’s that time of year where us Millennials can put the $7 Starbucks drink and our guard down to enjoy the festive merriment. Giving is fun! And it can be free.

Use our form below to wish something you’d like for Britney. Yeah, there’s a 99.99% chance your kind words won’t cross her radar (pun intended), but practicing kindness is something we could all benefit from.

BreatheHeavy Community members are competing to win a Blackout vinyl, among other dope items. Read about our sweepstakes.

By submitting a wish for Britney using the form below, you’ll earn an entry towards the vinyl.

We’ll also publish the best wishes on Christmas – the more thoughtful the wish, the more likely yours will get included!

Be sure to login to BreatheHeavy on Christmas to earn the Britmas 2019 badge (Xmas ONLY).

*Guests, you MUST be a registered member of the BreatheHeavy Community to submit the wish. Register an account in 30 seconds!

Happy wishing!

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  1. Also, do we need to get picked to qualify for an entry? I submitted a wish but i noticed I didn’t get an additional Blackout entry anddd it’s not crossed out in my Blackout Entry List as well.

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