*This story was originally posted on May 13, 2018*

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Britney personally attended a reading of a Broadway musical that’s reportedly inspired by her biggest hits.

OK OK wait, what?! This is all happening so fast.

Last year, Forbes reported that the pop star’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, initiated a meeting with theatre veteran Jerry Mitchell to discuss transforming Britney’s greatest hits into a theatrical production. It appears that they got the green light from Britney herself.

See what Exhale is saying about this!

Mitchell is responsible for creating a musical centering around the life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan with On Your Feet!. He’s also the mastermind behind ***** Boots. He told Forbes, “we’re telling a true story about real people, so the authenticity is really important to me.”

Mitchell has a different vision in mind for the Britney’s catalog. “It would NOT be autobiographical,” he said. Instead, he’ll tie in her iconic hits with a fictional narrative a la Mamma Mia!.

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We don’t know much else about the show, but Britney and her team watched a reading of it in NYC. There are two fan-photos confirming her presence: one of her arrival at the JFK airport, and another of Queen B at the reading.

No word when the show premieres, but word on the street says it’s slated for a 2019 debut. Obviously, I’ll be maxing out my credit card to get to the Big Apple and buy front row seats to see this. Hopefully Britney gave the show a thumbs up, because the world needs this. I. Need. This.

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