Music Video Director Michel Gondry Says He Has A “Finished Clip” Of Beyonce For An Unidentified Project

September 6, 2017 By Jordan Miller

The BeyHive is buzzing.

The BeyHive is abuzz following news that an unreleased Beyonce visual is out there, somewhere, on the cutting room floor.

Only Beyonce would have a materialized music video laying around somewhere because she became pregnant and couldn’t be bothered to release it. At least, we think it’s a music video. Director Michel Gondry, who has shot videos for Björk, Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones and many more, told Canadian publication La Presse he has a couple of personal projects in the works right now, and, oh yeah, a Beyonce clip.

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“Unfortunately, it’s not out yet because she [had] twins,” he said. “But it’s a finished clip [and it turned out] very, very well, I think.”

No word whether Gondry is referring to a music video, but the odds are good. On the other hand, perhaps it’s an advertisement for the singer’s Ivy Park clothing line? Gondry has shot adverts for Nike, Levi’s, GAP, Coca-Cola, BMW and a bunch of other high-end brands. I guess it doesn’t really matter. We want the unreleased footage, and we want it now. Queen Bey won’t likely release another new album until late 2018 or maybe even 2019, so the thirst? It’s real.

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