1 Night for this Number 1 Angel.


In Mura Masa and Charli XCX’s music video for “1 Night,” four young couples are seen experiencing love’s precious fleeting moments in their first night together. Charli makes appearances throughout the clip dancing in a gymnasium and passing seductive stares.

“I think I just had that beat lying around for a while and we sent it to a couple of people. Then Charli just did her thing,” the British producer told the BBC. “I think with a song like that and with someone like Charli, it was important to me not to make just another pop song. It had to be a little bit more interesting. I think hopefully this achieves a little bit of both worlds, like something from her world and something from my world.”



1 Night for this Number 1 Angel.

Despite Charli XCX just releasing her free mixtape Number 1 Angel last Friday, the British pop star isn’t slowing down. Ahead of her writing camps in L.A. this month, Charli recorded a new tune with electronic producer Mura Masa (real name Alex Crossan) titled “1 Night” off his forthcoming debut album To Fall Out of Love To.

The song is about finding that special connection amidst the digital chaos we’re forced to live through.

♫ “It was only one night but I wanna go / do you wanna go back to where we were?”

It premiered on BBC Radio 1 today (March 16) then promptly uploaded to Vevo. Listen to the tropical-tinged tune then check out a teaser of the video below:

On his upcoming record, Crossan says inspiration can strike anywhere. “The studio is hailed as the place where music gets created but really it’s all over the place, it’s in the homes of musicians and on the bus or wherever,” he told DIYMag. “I feel like people yearn for that lonely bedroom sound, that’s why I chose not to upgrade myself too much for the album.”

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