Fans have had a full day to enjoy, or not enjoy, Britney’s new single “Womanizer,” a track produced by The Outsyders. The up-tempo dance song has fans re-embracing the bubble gum pop we knew and loved. But is the leaked version we heard today different from what we’ll hear on Monday – the official radio-release of “Womanizer?” According to, it might be.

“The snippet of disco-inflected track, called “Womanizer,” was briefly posted on the Web site of Nashville radio station 107.5-FM The River before being taken down, although at press time the clip could still be found elsewhere online.

According to Britney’s label, the station obtained the snippet by recording a phone call in which a radio rep played a rough mix of the song for people at the station – which seems likely, judging by the horrendous sound quality of the clip. At the label’s request, the station removed the clip from its Web site.”

A rough mix could mean a low quality clip, or an alternate unfinished version. Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

PS – If “Ooh Ooh Baby” & “Radar” had a love child, it’d be “Womanizer.” Not exactly comeback single material, but hot nonetheless.

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