MTV To Mash Up Britney & Gwen

February 26, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Just caught this on MTV UK…

Last year MTV brought together Jay-Z and Linkin Park for their album “Collision Course” which combined songs from both artists into one track. After a huge amount of sucess from the franchise MTV are nowing looking for 2 more artists to “Mash Up”. They are currently searching for 2 artists to submit tracks for MTV to work with. Ashanti, Pink, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake have all apparently expressed interest in doing an MTV Mash Up album.

– Tim Kash, MTV News UK

I think Britney & Gwen would be obvious and brilliant choice. With 2 tracks already mashed up into “Tic Toxic” (What You Waiting For? and Toxic) and “Hollaback Slave” (Hollaback Girl & I’m A Slave 4 U), it’d be really easy to create tracks. I was thinking that Me Against The Music and Rich Girl could work together as could Oops! I Did It Again and Harajuku Girls. But I’d like to hear Crash and Do Somethin’ mashed up, I think that’d rock!

This tracklist would really work I think… Thanks markymark33

01// Tic Toxic
02// Hollaback Slave
03// Oops! Harajuku
04// Crash Somethin’
05// Against The Rich Girl
06// Cool ‘n’ Crazy
07// Bubble Pop Prerogative
08// In The Danger Zone
09// Luxurious Boys
10// Seriously Lucky
11// The Real Outrageous Thing
12// One More Time To Go