Other than the fact that both are members of the exclusive and enviable club of guys who’ve smooched Ms. Spears, Britney’s fiance, Kevin Federline, and her friend Jason Alexander, whom she wed earlier this year, have little in common.

For starters, Spears’ engagement to Federline, made public last week, is already an eternity compared with the one to Alexander, which probably lasted just a little longer than the time it took the couple to drive from Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Hotel to the Little White Wedding Chapel, five and a half miles away. Federline is also four years older than Alexander, who at 22 is the same age as Spears.

Where Federline gained his reputation in the background, dancing for boy band LFO, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Christina Milian and Pink, Alexander had hoped his future would be in the backfield, playing fullback or linebacker. He tried out for the Louisiana State University squad but didn’t make the cut.

Instead of the gridiron, Federline’s fancy footwork found its place on the dance floor. As a 15-year-old student of Clovis West High School in Clovis, California, he fell in love with dancing after a girlfriend invited him to one of her dance classes. Pirouettes and jazz hands didn’t likely have a major role in Alexander’s upbringing in Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, where his father worked as an auto mechanic.

While Alexander was attending college, Federline was earning his degree in parenthood, though it’s not likely he’ll receive valedictorian honors. Federline has a 2-year-old daughter with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, an actress best known for her role on “Moesha.” A second child, a boy, is due any day.

The most relevant dissimilarity between the two men, however, lies in their level of romance with the pop princess. In the current issue of People, Britney dismissed her past relationships — even her long-term attachment to Justin Timberlake — as “like puppy love” and claimed her love for Federline is the real thing.

It may not have been love at first sight, if Federline’s ex is to be believed. When he first met his future wife while a dancer for tour openers LFO in 2000, Federline “didn’t like her music” and “thought she was wack,” Jackson told Us Weekly.

Source: MTV News

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