Tonight I checked in with MTV News to talk about Britney’s music video for Hold It Against Me. Check it out:


‘Hold It Against Me’ Video Is ‘Inspiring,’ Britney Spears Superfan Says
‘She took it to the next level … and kicked *** in the process,’’s Jordan Miller says on MTV News’ live stream.

The Internet is abuzz over Britney Spears’ high-tech video for “Hold It Against Me.” And after the Jonas Akerlund-directed clip premiered Thursday night (February 17) on MTV and, we caught up with some of Britney’s biggest fans for their reactions during our live stream “MTV First: Britney Spears’ ‘Hold It Against Me’ Video Premiere.”

Las Vegas-based webmaster Jordan Miller, who runs Spears’ biggest fan site, spoke to MTV News during the live chat and said he was thrilled with the video.

“The video, I thought, was really amazing and creative. I like how she took a dark twist to it,” Miller said. “You know, a lot of the times, for the last two videos she’s done, it’s kind of light and fluffy, but she really kind of took it to the next level with this video and kicked *** in the process. I think it was definitely artistic and inspiring, and I really think the fans are loving it.”

Jordan added that Britney’s fans seem mostly dazzled with the futuristic video. “The overwhelming reaction is they’re just really happy for her. It’s just a great time to be a fan right now.”

But as the guy behind one of the biggest online sources for everything Britney, Miller admitted that a few fans thought there had been too much hype surrounding Spears’ video choreography. Miller didn’t agree with those fans, however. “I disagree. I think that she looked great, danced really well. I think her choreographer, Brian Friedman, did an amazing job and Britney did an amazing job, so I’m completely happy with it,” he explained.

In addition to the choreography, fans have also been buzzing about the clip’s climactic fight scene, which finds Britney dueling it out with another version of herself. Miller described the scene as “showing the world that she is taking control of her own image.”

“It’s kind of starting fresh,” he said. “It’s like the world’s not going to come to an end whether Britney Spears does or doesn’t pull through for what people thinks she needs to do.”

Was an honor to be featured on the live chat aftershow; hope I made you readers proud!

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