MTV Emails

January 23, 2005 By Jordan Miller


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Robert Feder. I work at MTV. I work the news department as mainly a researcher of information and manger of a few others that work in the news department. Anyways, I am e-mailing you in regards to Britney Spears with some exclusive news information. Britney has recorded almost 40 unreleased tracks that have not been released and will not be released. The purpose of these tracks is for either a emergency in which Britney can’t record anymore or if she suddenly passes away or if they need to release a album and they do not want to record any more song they can pick and choose t he songs they want. The 40 tracks have all been fully produced and could all be released tommorow but thats not there purpose. Some songs that have been recorded for this reason have already been leaked to the internet including “Guilty” and “I’ve Just Begun Having My Fun.” I am emailing you to just make you aware and I dont mind if you post this on your site.
Here is some of the names of the 40 songs that Britney has recorded:

Stop Yourself
Because Of You
Now or Never
Life Is Over
It’s Time To Go
Why Must You?
Do That To Me
That’s Just My Personality
Before And After
Hope and Faith
and many more

Robert Feder
New York, New York

could be fake, but if it is, whoever sent that is bored…really bored