This year will provide many awards shows along with MTV Australia’s first VMA, and Britney has been nominated, damn is there anything she isnt good at, anyways, here is her nominations:

Best Female Artist
Sexiest Video : Toxic
Best Dance Video : Toxic
Veiwers Choice

Whats MTV Australia Says:

This Years has been less about the music for Britney and more about the tabloids… marriages, divorces, suicide fears…

But the newly wed Mrs Federline has managed to keep herself on the cover of music mags as well as the trashies with some absolutely cracker tunes – one being Toxic – where she is (or isnt wearing) a lot but sparkly diamonds, followed up with her saucy cover of Bobby Browns My Prerogative.

Britney recently won Best Female at the MTV Europe Awards … does she have what it takes to add her collection for Oz?

Well it is up to you, please please please vote for Britney by
Clicking Here
you never know, Britney might even go!

It is now comfirmed that Britney will be there if theres an award, so hell lets all vote…

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