MTV Article: Britney’s ‘Prerogative’

August 17, 2004 By Jordan Miller

I cannot wait to hear Britney Spears’ cover of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” (see “Britney Covers Bobby Brown’s ‘My Prerogative’ For Forthcoming LP”). I think it is great that she will change the beats around and make it very 2004. I am sure the haters and critics will have a field day with it, but all that matters is that she does the song justice. Who knows — she could make a better version then the original; I have seen it happen before. I think it is good she is doing a song that expresses how she feels so that her fans can relate to what she is going through right now. I can’t wait for the greatest-hits album to come out.

Tina, 24
Las Vegas, NV

Is she serious? Britney Spears is going to mess up Bobby Brown’s song. I really think she should leave “My Prerogative” alone, and just tell the media to shove it. She will not do the song justice, and nobody really cares that she’s marrying that man. She shouldn’t go messing up something just because she put her business out there for everybody to know. That’s your bad, Britney. Don’t involve Bobby and the rest of us.

Tashia, 21
Omaha, NE

Britney will sound great singing “My Prerogative,” because Bobby Brown’s song is coming from her heart. She will bring the song to a new generation. Britney, you’re doing great. I wish you continued success.

Desaray, 14
Bradenton, FL

Britney Spears has officially gone too far. Remaking “My Prerogative” is just too much for me to take. That’s the one song of Bobby Brown’s that everyone could relate to. Britney isn’t R&B, so she should stick to the cheesy pop songs she sings now.

T, 23
Los Angeles, CA

While I’m not a big fan of Britney Spears, I am looking forward to hearing her version of “My Prerogative,” as it is a personal favorite of mine. And I’d rather have her cover it than William Hung.

Scott, 20
Danbury, CT