We’re not sure how Britney Spears feels about her hubby – but her fans sure are sick of him.
Star magazine polled 5,400 of its readers – and a whopping 96 percent of them said they believe that Kevin Federline used his famous wife for her money and to boost his career. The mag also reports that Spears was recently spotted without her wedding ring; her massive engagement ring was on her finger, however. What’s more, it reports that if Spears dumps Federline now, as per the pre-nup, she’ll reportedly have to fork over only $30,000.
And dump him is what most readers think she should do. Sixty-five percent said the singer should divorce her wannabe rapper hubby now, 28 percent said the couple should go into counseling, and a mere 7 percent said she should accept him as he is; 91 percent felt that Federline has been bad for Spears’ career.

Source: msnbc

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