Britney Back with Kevin?

Have the Federlines reunited?; Plus, Mary-Kate misses Stavros but not Paris, Sienna and Leonardo rumor redux and the latest Hollywood baby news …

Kevin Federline can breathe a huge sigh of relief: It looks like he won’t have to find gainful employment anytime soon. People reports the perma-stubbled, job-averse former backup dancer is — for now at least — back in the lap of luxury, otherwise known as the Malibu mansion of his meal-ticket missus, Britney Spears.
According to the magazine, the semi-retired pop starlet, 24, “settled back into” her estate on Tuesday with K. Fed, 27, and their 3-month-old son (and future tell-all author) Sean Preston.
The reunion came just about a week after Britney gave the party-prone Kevin the heave-ho after an angry dust-up, which purportedly began after one of his baby-unfriendly acquaintances, whom the singer not-so-affectionately nicknamed “the weedman,” popped by their deluxe digs, according to Star.
Making matters worse, adds the Insider, was that the visit came on a so-called “Britney and Kevin day,” a specific time they’ve set aside to spend alone with Sean, no friends or family allowed.
A spy tattles to People that the trashtastic twosome’s headline-making squabble was so stormy that Spears let fly the word she knew would strike fear in her unkempt hubby’s creature comfort-loving heart.
“She wanted a divorce,” a Brit confidante tells the mag.

Source: MSNBC

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