Lady Gaga has seen and done it all. Well, almost.

The pop star has sold millions of albums, traveled the world more than most could in several life times and touched countless lives, but fame nor fortune can suffice for becoming a mom (aside from Little Monsters, of course).

In a new interview with France’s Public Magazine, Gaga was asked what she’s missing in life to achieve true happiness.


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“A child,” she said. “Being a mother, starting a family.”

“I am ready to live this adventure fully, and as my mother did with me, I will practice talking with my children,” she added. “I believe very much in the virtues of dialogue.”

Naturally, the Internet exploded, urging Gaga to release LG6, 7 and maybe 8 before being blessed with the ultimate gift. I’ll compromise at 6, but I expect a joint album with Tony Bennett comprised of lullabies at some point.


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