The cover for “Feeling free” has been taken off wikipedia which probably means it is being changed thank god. The release date for the album was changed back to March 20th. Both “Feeling Free” and “The Original Doll” were taken off her discography, but like in the past will probably be added back on.I wish MTV could say more about the new album because then we would know wich one she is releaseing this year.

I ‘m starting to think “Feeling Free” is fake because it is turning into a new album of mostly new songs. All of the songs from 1998-2001 were taken off and replaced with songs from 2003-2005on wikipedia. The song that you have on the site to download i think is the track “Gotta Go” which has been added to the track listing if it is the song its from 2003. Maybe “The Original Doll” was renamed “Feeling free” and the stuff about old songs was fake.I ‘m not sure, but even if “Feeling Free ” is coming out it’s basically an album of new material not really old stuff.

According to wikipedia the rumored first single off of “The Original Doll” was just sent to remixers to be remixed. All i have to say is why would she do this if the album was coming out in 2007, maybe its not.

Something very weird and confusing, wikipedia has posted “sorry fans all is fake” on the “Feeling Free” page, I’m wondering if we have all been tricked again into thinking a new album is being released, remember the fake albums “Out Of Control” and “Lost Chapters Vol. 1” I think a Britney fan is spreading rumors or wants people to think things are rumors.


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