Madonna has premiered another handful of remixes for her new single, “Ghosttown”.


The remix treatment for the second cut from Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ continues.

Never one to rest on the opportunity to take us all to the club, Madonna has dropped another three remixes of current single, “Ghosttown”, following yesterday’s premiere of Dan Diablo’s take on the Billboard produced ballad.

This time around, the mixes are courtesy of Dirty Pop and THRILL, both of whom worked on “Living For Love” remixes, and veteran DJ Mike Cruz.

Whilst all new versions of “Ghosttown” have so far been successful – a surprising feat, given the nature of the original track – the most accomplished reimagining so far is without a doubt Dirty Pop’s Intro Remix.

Boasting synths galore, a staccato beat and an instrumental which enhances rather than overwhelms Madonna’s vocals, it’s another coup for Dirty Pop who created one of the best “Living For Love” mixes and are responsible for this masterpiece. Admittedly, the remix is nothing particularly revolutionary, but since good dance music done well is so rare at the moment, it still feels like an achievement.

Both THRILL and DJ Mike Cruz have also cooked up very listenable versions of “Ghosttown”. One would usually hope that this means the song will gain some traction in the clubs, but at this stage I wouldn’t hold your breath. “Living For Love”, despite having innumerable brilliant remixes, didn’t take off in any meaningful way on the dance scene which may suggest that now even the club kids have lost interest in Madonna.

Check out the rest of the remixes here:

What’s YOUR favorite “Ghosttown” remix?