Click the thumbnails to enlarge — This is Britney enjoying the sunshine at a pool on July 14.

breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe

Britney Spears has been enjoying a reclusive few days at five star Hotel the Ritz in Marina Del Rey. Over a three day period ( Monday to Wednesday) at the $1500 a night hotel, Britney and fiance Kevin Federline have indulged in some trademark Britney rituals, including binge drinking cocktails, chain smoking and the little known but seemingly adorable love ritual of squeezing each others pimples. The inseparable duo has spent much of their stay sunning themselves by the hotel outdoor pool. Britney, dressed in a skimpy white string bikini and cowboy hat has been all over her man, kissing and cuddling him constantly. When she was not downing a cocktail or dragging on a cigarette, the Toxic princess has been signing autographs for the 15 or so staff and guests near the pool. Despite shelling out $40,000 of her own money for her own engagement ring, Brit has also adopted the habit of proudly displaying it to anyone who passes by.


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