More People Care About Beyonce Than The Environment

Beyonce makes more headlines then the destruction of our planet.

More People Care About Beyonce Than The Enviornment

Happy Earth Day! No one cares. BEYONCE! Now I got your attention.

According to a recent study by the Project for Improved Environmental Coverage, more people care about Beyonce then the deterioration of Mother Earth.

Mentioning Beyonce’s name in a story received 11 times more attention from people than stories about deforestation. Environmental stories make up less than one percent of headlines, whereas Beyonce alone saw more coverage over six out of the 10 broad environmental topics tracked in 2014.

“It is hard to argue that Beyoncé warrants 92 times more mentions than deforestation on network TV news programs,” reads the press release, “given the important role forests play as our planet’s lungs and that many millions of people and species depend on them.”

Beyonce might want to rethink her TIDAL strategy to include promotional campaigns about the cause and effect of greenhouse gases. How can someone rule the earth yet destroy it at the same time?

More People Care About Beyonce Than The Enviornment

Now, here’s a heart warming photo + caption of Miley in regards to Earth Day. Armpit hair is on fleek.