Lauer: Let me show you some magazines… These are all current. All right? I don’t have to show you all of them but we got one here: Britney moves on without Kevin. Brit’s new man.
Spears: Oh no. That’s my security guard.

Lauer: The final days, fed up with Kevin’s lies, he’s sleeping in the basement. We’ll get to these individually but basically this is the tone. That this marriage is over. There are problems in paradise and it’s not gonna last.
Spears: You know what? I need to create my own magazine. These people… I mean they want stories to sell and they’re very good… I need to come up with my own magazine and say the real deal.

Lauer: What do you see in him? What is it about Kevin that makes you love him?
Spears: It’s very simple. Women complicate everything. He’s so simple. His simplicity and just he’s like a boy. He just, you know, and he cares. He cares so much and his heart is awesome. He has a really big heart and I love that.
Lauer: As a husband how is he?
Spears: Amazing. Very good.

Lauer: Well, let’s go to the tripping incident, okay, in New York. And you’ve alluded to it. But you’re coming – you’re walking with Sean in one arm and I think a drink in the other. And you tripped on what was it your pants? It was a close call… It seemed as if for a sec…
Spears: Accidents happen!

Lauer: Right… and the headline on that picture was “Oops, number three.”
Spears: Exactly. There will be an “Oops number 100.” There’ll be plenty more oopses. I’m not perfect. I’m human.

“Motherhood is amazing,” Britney beamed.

“Is it what you thought it would be?” Lauer asked.

“It’s more,” she revealed. “You could never possibly realize you could love something that much.”

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