More information regarding Britney’s possible upcoming TRL performance has come to light after exclusively posting yesterday the news that was relayed to

According to a Los Angeles based ad agency company, who are funding part of the TRL grand finale, Britney IS performing at the finale special on November 16th.

“MTV came into our offices and presented upcoming programming and indeed, confirmed from the MTV Representatives themselves that Britney will not only be appearing, but performing on the Finale,” says the source to BreatheHeavy. “Essentially, the information was divulged to us to get us Advertisers to sponsor the show.”

Another source close to the music network revealed that “MTV and their casting directors have picked the date in November specifically for Britney so she could appear, and co-inside with the album release a few weeks later.”

Either a bunch of people are full of ****, or Britney’s actually performing! Sounds more likely then not!

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