More details regarding Britney’s “If U Seek Amy” video shoot have surfaced.

According to, Britney shot the video at “a $4 million traditional home near the Palisades bluffs.”

And on-set source reveals:


“Britney looked like she was having a blast. Earlier in the day between takes, she was playing this mind reading game with her two boys and they LOVED it. After they left, she was a lot quieter. Around the end of the shoot, she seemd to be getting a little anxious for some reason. She probably was ready to go home.”

The video, which reportedly will be shot over 2-3 days, uses a front door with a red heart on it saying “I Love You” in large letters. Britney will play the role of the “suburban housewife” in this part.

“Filming has wrapped at that location, and there was only one truck cleaning up the remaining props earlier this morning.”

Sources claim we will see a “much sexier, risque Britney” in the final video.

UPDATE: “”The video begins with Britney coming outside her house to hand the paparazzi an apple pie that she baked,” says a source. “She acts like she wants to hook up. The video is very provocative.”

In part of the video, Spears is accompanied by two adorable perfectly-groomed children and a straight-laced man wearing khakis and a sweater over his shoulders. But a source says there are also lots of dancers “dressed in skimpy outfits in metallic color” and revealing costumes for Spears included in the shoot.

According to several sources, Spears was very professional and upbeat on the set. “She was like the old Britney at the shoot. She was engaged and excited the whole day and seemed like her old self,” says a source.


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