More details about Circus tracks have surfaced!

According to, “Circus is essentially a sequel to last year’s Blackout album – it has the same fierce electro sound, but Britney sounds more confident and there’s less reliance on the vocoder.”

Circus: “The title track is a rampaging monster of a song whose chorus kicks off with a Max Martin-style thump. “I’m the ringleader, I call the shots, I’m a firecracker, I like it hot,” Britney sings on the verses. It’s been confirmed as the next single and the video’s already been shot.”


If You Seek Amy: “Britney actually reunites with Max Martin, is 50% glam, 50% rave. The title has nothing to do with a certain Miss Winehouse and makes more sense if you say it quickly… just don’t do so in polite company.”

According to The Sun, a lyric to the offensive track says: “All the boys and all the girls want to if you seek Amy.”

“A stomping robo pop number with clattering kettle drums and Brit being quite frank about the opinion she holds of herself. “


Out From Under: A “proper, teary-eyed ballad,” something that Blackout lacked. “Really quite lovely.”

Another line: “We tried everything we could try so let’s just say goodbye forever.”

“It’s a stirring break-up ballad up there with the best.”


Kill The Lights: This track we all (or most) have been fortunate enough to listen to 3 weeks before the album’s release due to a suspicious leak.

In the Danja-produced track, Britney battles against the paparazzi, yet finds their excessive attraction to her almost thrilling – even introduced as the new queen of pop. Sorry Madge, truth hurts.

“All the flashin’, tryin’ to cash in. Hurts my eyes,” Britney sings about the paparazzi making money off her. Then continues to say:

“Mr. Photographer
I think I’m ready for my close-up (Tonight)
Make sure you catch me from my good side (Pick one!)”

Circus is scheduled to launch on December 2nd – Britney’s 27th birthday.

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