I received DOZENS of emails from loyal BreatheHeavy readers with pics and vids of Brit’s Boston show Monday night. So many that I decided to make a separate post about it!

Click below to view:

Courtesy of BreatheHeavy readers Allison Belknap, Felicia Roderick, Michael Ribezzo, Drock, Olesia Plokhii and Alyssa.

Alright, who am I kidding? I just wanted an excuse to post more pictures of the new A-list celebrity Brett Miller from the Boston show.

One reader emailed in their experience meeting Brett, saying:


“She was nice when I started talking to Brett’s lover at the show but as soon as I asked for a pic with her and Brett she got all snappy. Then I said: ‘OK, well I guess you don’t want to be OUT yet even tho it’s really obvious!!!! She got really pissy and started walking off and following Brett, so I yelled back that she was all over BreatheHeavy.com. She turned around and said: “THATS NOT ME!!!!” Even though CLEARLY IT IS!

She made SURE not to get in any pics with brett from what i saw!”

Photos courtesy of BreatheHeavy readers Chris Merrill, Desiree St. Cyr and Carla Bejakian.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted / are submitting pictures! Couldn’t do this without you!

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