Moody Britney Blows Up At Mom

July 18, 2005 By Jordan Miller

As Britney Spears’ baby bump ballons, so too does her temper- and this time it’s her beloved mom, Lynn, who’s the targerof an expletive-laced tirade.
As Star reported in the July 11th issue, sources say the moody mom-to-be has become so emotional lately that she regulary lashes out at husband Kevin Federline- from yelling if he smokes to throwing a fit if he doesn’t tag along on her shopping trips. Now she’s suddenly taken a swipe at Lynn- and reduced her to tears as a result.
An eyewitness on the set of Zoey 101, the TV show starring Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn, 14, tells Star People: “Britney was screaming at her mom. She was furious, swearing and cursing. Her mom burst into tears at one point, but Britney didn’t seem to care or notice.”
The June 30 bust-up erupted just as Britney, 23, and Lynn, 50, were leaving the set for the day.
“Britney began yelling at her, saying that her father [Jamie, 52] was sometimes not there for her and that Kevin will be the best father for her baby,” the witness says.
“Britney’s mom got really upset and began to cry. She told Brit that her father does love her and that he did the best he could for the children.
“But Britney wouldn’t listen. She got into her car and sped off, screaming ‘**** you, momma!’ Everyone was really shocked and stunned.”
And it wasn’t just Britney’s mom who left upset. Our source adds: “Britney came by the set for a few hours the next day but didn’t speak to her mom at all. You could see that her mom was really hurt. Jamie Lynn was so upset by it all that she took an extra 30-minute break to talk to her mom and Britney’s assistant about it.”

Credit: Music Lover 12 – Star Magazine