Britney is known to change up her lovely locks from brown to blond, long to short to really really short at the blink of an eye. So it’s no surprise to hear she’s getting long extensions.

Brit has an appointment at the Kim Vo salon, according to

“[Vo] wasn’t responsible for her hair over the last few years but is trying to fix it now!” the source tells Us.

But just because Vo puts tons of time and money into the new do doesn’t mean it’s here to stay! “He mentioned how often she changes her mind about it,” continued the source. “This week she wants it to her ****, and…two weeks later they’ll probably cut it again.”

And you’re thinking: ‘Why the hell the do I care?’ I know… but perhaps it’s a little taste to what the queen of pop will rock during her upcoming music video shoot scheduled for later this month!

Still don’t care? Well, don’t say I didn’t try.

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