First of all, this will probably be the only time I ever mention “Mmm Papi” on the site again. I hate this song with a passion. Not because Us Weekly prematurely tainted the song for me claiming it was about Adnan, but because it ******* *****. It makes “Email My Heart” sound like Beethoven. In fact, Beethoven’s lucky his *** was deaf so he’d never have to endure that song. Can you tell how much I love this song?

Nicole Morier, who co-wrote “Mmm Papi” with Britney, tells the song is not about Mr. Milky Bowl of Soup saying:


“I never said that to the US Weekly! The song is definitely not about Adnan and in the whole time I worked with her last spring and summer I never once saw that guy. We strictly wrote the song for fun. the Mmm Papi part came out of Mmm Papa Luv U and I came up with it because the track was a fun up beat track and we wanted to do something crazy like mmmpapamowow.

The mmm papi part came later as rhythmic idea and it was also more inspired by Hey Mami from the group Fannypack and is our ode to all the Latino hotties in the world such as yourself! Please be kind to Britney and I and post this correction. She was oh so sweet and professional to work with, and I believe she’s really gotten her life together.”

Thank GOD. Though no matter how many denials are issued – my first impression will most likely stick in my twisted brain. I’ll keep telling myself it’s not about Aiden, but all I picture is his landing strip next to Kathy Griffin’s fire crotch. Now I can go back to blasting Mannequin to drown out the hideous after-effect “Mmm Papi” has left in my precious ears, and bleach my mouth out for saying such foul things in this post.

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