Was it worth it, did she work it? HELL YES.

Missy Elliott’s surprise Super Bowl performance sparked a career renaissance that would make Matthew McConaughey proud.

Missy’s music saw a massive increase in sales since she took to the stage at the most watched Halftime Show ever, says The Hollywood Reporter:

Industry sources suggest Elliott’s catalog of songs could earn a sales increase of around 1,000 percent in the week ending Feb. 1, jumping to perhaps 70,000 (or more) downloads sold. That would be up from just 6,000 in the week ending Jan. 25, according to Nielsen Music.

The rapper’s first live performance in years reminded the world why Missy was the reigning Queen of rap in the late ’90s and early 2000s, as well as introducing her to a new generation of fans. Her unique personality, insanely creative music videos with groundbreaking special effects, undeniable musical chemistry with Timbaland and Aaliyah, and, of course, her unparalleled skill have all been sorely missed by millions, if her music industry takeover this week is any indication.

The 43-year-old spoke on Twitter about rediscovering her own fame and finding out that, despite an extended absence from music, to the world, she never really went away.

Welcome back, Missy E! Now where’s that new album?