Missy Elliott’s Back In The Studio With Timbaland

February 7, 2015 By Aaron

missy elliott

In news that will shock no one, Missy Elliott doesn’t plan to sleep on the massive surge in her popularity following her recent appearance at the Super Bowl.

After a 1,000% increase in her digital sales (!!) after last Sunday’s halftime show, Missy Elliott has decided that now might not the worst time to think about getting some new music out. She’s probably right, isn’t she?

Check out what she had to say about her newest venture below:

Whilst dropping into radio show Sway in the Morning, Missy revealed that rather than waste her time at the Grammys this weekend, she’ll be getting back on her grind with longtime collaborator and superstar producer, Timbaland:

I’m actually going down to be with Tim, and so we’re gonna get in and get some work done.

Whilst not at all surprising, this is still really great news.

Ten years ago, Missy Elliott was the hottest name in rap music with a string of top ten hits and an enviable level of critical recognition under her belt; she was basically untouchable. Two weeks ago, however, it was a totally different story. After four years of speculation, false starts and chart failures, Missy shelved her comeback project ‘Block Party’ in 2012 to take a musical hiatus and get re-inspired. Of course, she’s since gone on to be a bad-*** producer, but it seemed like her onstage career was pretty much over. Now the world’s at her feet, experiencing a renaissance of popularity following her properly brilliant performance alongside Katy Perry at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, she’s probably got all the inspiration she needs to bang out another groundbreaking record.

The swell of nostalgia surrounding the “Work It” superstar is obviously fantastic but also reasonably unexpected (cue me eating my words after saying last week that the idea of Elliott at the Super Bowl was underwhelming…) so this studio time is probably very spur of the moment and unlikely an indication that Missy’s seventh studio album is ready to drop any moment.

She goes on to say:

I don’t want to say too much, because in this day and time when you say something, they will come back two weeks later like ‘Uh, where your album at?’

So Missy’s making no promises, but if she’s smart she’ll get something out sooner rather than later – she may be flavor of the moment, but we all know how quickly the music-buying public move on; it’s best to capitalise on that Super Bowl hype today and worry about getting the whole album together tomorrow.

What Elliott needs is an game changing first single to remind the public that she’s more than just a throwback. A track which is both nostalgic and forward thinking, unlike anything the new rap girls are doing right now but still radio friendly – a track which screams vintage Missy without being too dated. So we’re not asking for much, really.

Hopefully we’ll get a taste of something new soon, but until then I plan to keep blasting “Work It” at full volume until my neighbors threaten arson.

What do you want to hear next from the pint-sized rap star?