…and Marc Jacobs let the cat out the bag.

Missy makes you lose control, just ask Marc Jacobs.

The iconic designer has prematurely revealed ELLE’s June cover girl out of sheer excitement, which is an understandable reaction if you see Missy Elliott wearing your clothes.

Hip-hop legend Missy wears Jacobs’ Fall/Winter 2017 collection on the stunning cover of the magazine’s Women In Music issue.

The feature is yet to be announced by Missy or the magazine but we know that the rapper goes “on record” with Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah – to hopefully confirm a new album is finally coming – to accompany her untouchably cool shoot.

Since dropping surprise single “I’m Better” back in January – with a killer video that only she could pull off – everything has went quiet again.

C’mon Missy, give us more!

Check it the pics below.

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