Britney hiring medically-trained nannies Pop singer Britney Spears is hiring two medically-trained nannies after her baby cracked his skull.

The singer has spent days talking to specialist agencies to find 24-hour care for six-month-old Sean Preston. He suffered a suspected fracture when his chair collapsed at Britney’s Malibu home. The nanny caring for him woke Britney, 24, and a doctor was called. He found no problems. But six days later Britney rushed still-groggy Sean to hospital.

“She doesn’t want to risk anything happening to him again,” a source close to the singer was quoted by The Sun, as saying. “She has been looking for somebody who can recognise the signs if he becomes ill again,” she added.

The insider added that Britney and hubby Kevin Federline, 28, were considering installing a sophisticated video surveillance system so they can monitor Sean while away working.


Felicia talks about Sean’s accident “He didn’t even fall. The chair just broke,” Britney’s pal and personal assistant Felicia Culotta insists to the New York Post. “He’s totally fine. He’s up and at ’em. He’s wanting to walk and talk.”


Kevin slams Jess and Nick divorce Aspiring rapper KEVIN FEDERLINE insists his marriage to BRITNEY SPEARS will never end in divorce like NICK LACHEY and JESSICA SIMPSON’s relationship. Federline believes the former NEWLYWEDS: NICK + JESSICA stars didn’t work hard enough to keep their relationship together. He explains, “My situation is different. I ain’t gettin’ no divorce. **** that! I don’t believe in that ****. Once you get married, you’re in it for the fight.” The former back-up dancer believes Lachey is entitled to multi-million dollar alimony payments from his estranged wife – because the couple became even more famous while they were married. He explains, “They did their whole thing together. They really blew up together on that (reality) show. They deserve whatever they get.”


Pink drops out of casting circus for new Joplin film Punk star PINK has taken herself out of the running to play JANIS JOPLIN in a new film, accusing the film-makers of turning the casting process into a circus. Hollywood stars including BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN and SCARLETT JOHANSSON are all battling it out for the coveted lead role in THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JANIS. Director PENELOPE SPHEERIS has already said Pink would be her first choice for the part, but the GET THE PARTY STARTED singer has decided not to pursue the project.

Pink explains, “I dropped out of it. Scheduling conflicts. Plus they’re trying to turn it into some circus pop contest – who’s the ‘it’ girl who wants to play Janis. Janis was so much deeper than that.”


Kevin forced into music career BRITNEY SPEARS’ husband KEVIN FEDERLINE insists he was forced into a musical career by the US media. The former dancer is working on his first album and feels he has no choice but to prove his true talent following his high profile marriage. He explains, “They are forcing me to do this, and I am glad they are. I am more than happy to do it. I don’t have a choice. It’s not like I can go and do construction, start building houses in Malibu (California).”


Kevin’s Most Hated Song Recording MTV Article Considering all the things about Kevin Federline that seem to rub people the wrong way – the cornrows, the wife-beaters, the “PopoZao” – it’s a miracle that no real rappers have come forth to put him in his place. So a pair of fake hip-hoppers from Boston have picked up the slack, recording a K-Fed dis track.”Wake Up, K-Fed” is the work of DJ Dirty Beagle and Names, a pair of investment bankers who describe themselves as “suburban-raised middle-class kids with too much free time.”

For months, the duo watched in horror as K-Fed dropped his ***-worshiping opus “PopoZao”, followed by the equally terrifying (and Thomas Dolby-biting) “America’s Most Hated”. Finally, one hazy Sunday afternoon, they decided they’d had enough. “When we heard his latest track, it was so bad and so short that we felt like it had to be done, so we set all of last weekend aside to devote ourselves to it,” Beagle said. “Something had to be done. Other rappers just don’t care. He’s taken enough flack for the hair and the wife-beaters in the gossip rags, but we felt like the East Coast needed to holler back at such slothlike behavior and general apathy. I don’t think 50 Cent reads Us Weekly, so it takes a new-school type to take him out.” “He’s not a legitimate rapper, he has no street cred, so other rappers don’t even consider stooping to his level. It would be too easy for them,” Names added. “We, on the other hand, are just as illegitimate as him. We’re Caucasian WASPy kids, so we’re the perfect people to battle him.”

So the two went to work and recorded “Wake Up, K-Fed” in one afternoon. And though the “studio” conditions were less than ideal (“We didn’t even have a microphone, so I yelled at the computer,” Names said), they knew right away that the track had enough lyrical venom to overcome even the lowest of lo-fi surroundings. “He claims that ‘hip-hop is all he ever knew,’ but that’s like me saying hip-hop is all I ever knew when my first CDs were Alanis Morissette, Whitney Houston and Pearl Jam,” Names said. “There’s so much material it was just calling my name. I mean, have you seen the video of him in his studio listening to ‘PopoZao’?”

On the track, Names takes potshots at K-Fed’s lyrical skills (“How can you steal a beat from Mobb Deep / And then make a song that puts people to sleep?”), mocks his personal hygiene and threatens to “put [him] away like a trundle bed” over a beat Dirty Beagle hijacked from Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre.” The duo said they hope K-Fed and his wife are listening. “I just wanted it to escalate to me and him in a battle. I’ll even fly out to L.A. to battle him on his own turf. I mean, if you can’t defend yourself, then you don’t belong in the rap game talking about how you gonna get back at the haters.” Names said. “And I am the most diabolical hater.”

“We want Britney to hear it, because we’d like to tell her, ‘Don’t let your husband embarrass you!’ ” Beagle added. “You’ve had a great career and your songs are so much better than his – you must be able to steer him away from releasing such awful tracks.” “Wake Up” debuted earlier this week, and though reviews have been mixed (comments range from “That was awesome!” to “I could’ve written better lyrics”), the dynamic duo are looking to build on their newfound fame. They’ve just launched a MySpace page (, and there’s even a proper studio album in the works, called State Of The Nation. “We’ll probably time the release to coincide with K-Fed’s album,” Names said. “We’ll see who does better in sales.”

Federline’s management and publicist could not be reached for comment.


Britney asks her mom for help Britney Spears has allegedly begged her mum for help after her baby son fractured his skull. The pop princess was devastated after six-month-old Sean Preston banged his head falling from his highchair. The 24-year-old – who was quizzed by social services officials after doctors reported the baby was taken to the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles with head injuries – has now asked mum Lynne Spears to help out.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Britney needs her mum more than ever. The events of the week have really scared her. “She’s a young mother and needs the wisdom of someone older who’s done it all herself.” Britney – who sparked outrage when she was photographed driving with Sean on her knee earlier this year – and husband Kevin Federline have been cleared from any wrongdoing in the accident.

The star’s lawyer, Martin Singer, said in a statement: “While there was an automatic report by the hospital to the Department of Children and Family Services, DCFS immediately responded and determined there was no problem and no reason to open a formal investigation. “They determined that the parents were not involved in any injury and that nothing improper was done within the home.”


Britney heading for small screen stardom? Singer BRITNEY SPEARS has met with WILL & GRACE star SEAN HAYES and a group of producers to discuss joining the cast of a new sitcom. The 24-year-old attended the meeting to talk about a role in an ensemble sitcom about teachers, tentatively titled DETENTION.

During the two hour meeting in late February (06), the TOXIC singer read lines from a script and confessed she was “aching to give acting a go”, according to American magazine Us Weekly. Spears guest starred alongside Hayes on Will & Grace last month (MAR06), appearing as a conservative talk show host.

A source close to the actor says, “Having seen the way Britney works, he knows she has potential.” One of the producers’ main concerns was that the pop star was pregnant with her second child. The source adds, “First, she laughed and said, ‘Do I look it?’ Then she assured them that she wouldn’t jeopardize a new project. “Britney is up for it. Everyone will be meeting again soon.”


Kevin won’t allow his children to be in the business Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline has vowed he will not allow his children to go into showbusiness until they learn proper moral values. The aspiring rapper has two children Kori and Kaleb with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, and seven-month old son Sean Preston with Spears. He says, “I’ll encourage it, but not until they’re adults. I’m not gonna let them be in this business when they’re kids. “I don’t believe in that. It’s too hard on them. They need to learn life values first.”


Britney expected to perform at the Dome
The new operators of the ill-fated Millennium Dome will today show how the inside of the giant Greenwich structure is taking new shape ahead of its re-opening next year. AEG Europe, part of America’s giant Anschutz Corporation, is turning the Dome in south London into a 23,000-capacity entertainment arena.

Stars such as Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Britney Spears are expected to perform at the Dome, which is now officially known as The O2. As well as holding live music concerts, the Dome will host sporting events and will be the venue for the basketball and gymnastic events when London stages the Olympic Games in 2012.


Negligence by the nanny
The Sun: BRITNEY Spears’ baby son suffered a fractured skull and a potentially fatal blood clot in a fall at her home, it was reported last night. Seven-month-old Sean hit his head after tumbling from a high chair while with a nanny in the singer’s kitchen in Malibu, California. Worried Britney, 24, rushed him to hospital when she noticed Sean seemed ill and was sleeping more than usual. Police later made a routine call at her home because the tot had been to hospital and she told officers what had happened. Britney was also questioned by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, who are always alerted when a child is taken to hospital.

Doctors were concerned about Sean’s fractured skull, but more worried about the blood clot, Star magazine reported last night. A source close to Britney said: “She is desperately worried.” “She didn’t know what was wrong with him because he appeared lethargic and was sleeping constantly.”

“She took him to the hospital and doctors say he has a minor fracture.” “Britney is furious with the nanny because this happened while she and her husband were out.” The star and her hubby Kevin Federline, 28, are not under suspicion following Sean�s fall on April 1. The DCFS refused to comment on claims they are launching a probe into possible negligence by the nanny. Sean is believed to be back home with his mum and dad. When asked about the youngster last night, Kevin said: “He’s fine.” Cops are still probing claims Britney drove with Sean perched on her lap, following pictures of her returning from Starbucks in February.


Britney and son home safely Britney Spears’s six-month-old son, Sean Preston, fell and hit his head on Saturday, April 1, at the Malibu home the pop star shares with husband Kevin Federline, a source close to Spears tells PEOPLE. While the baby’s nanny was lifting him from his high chair, something snapped in the chair and Sean Preston slipped from her arms and fell to the floor, bruising his head. A doctor came to the house that day and examined the child; he seemed fine.

But six days later, Spears and Federline became concerned and took Sean Preston to the hospital emergency room to have him checked out, the source adds. No serious problems were found. Spears, Federline and their son are back home and doing fine now, a second source tells PEOPLE.

After the hospital visit, child welfare officials visited Spears’s home accompanied by a sheriff’s deputy.

“The Department of Children and Family Services called us on Saturday (April 8) and asked us to accompany them to the home of Mrs. Spears for their visit,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lt. Debra Glafkides tells PEOPLE. “It’s very routine and common for us to accompany them.” According to Glafkides, the visit lasted about half an hour and no police report was filed.

The Sheriff’s Department could not release any further information, and the Department of Children and Family Services generally does not comment on cases due to confidentiality laws. “While there was an automatic report by the hospital to the Department of Children and Family Services, DCFS immediately responded and determined there was no problem and no reason to open a formal investigation,” Spears’s attorney Marty Singer tells PEOPLE. “They determined that the parents were not involved in any injury and that nothing improper was done within the home.”


DCFS officially closed the case Kevin Federline was asked about his son Sean, in the wake of a surprise call to his home by reps from the Los Angeles agency that investigates allegations of child abuse and child endangerment.

Cameras caught K-Fed entering a posh condo complex in the Century City area of Los Angeles. Britney Spears’ husband did not directly address the events of the day, but nodded when asked if Sean was ok. Wacth video here!

An L.A. County Sheriff’s official tells TMZ that the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has closed its investigation into the welfare of Britney Spears’ child.

The official said that his department accompanied DCFS to Spears’ home on April 8, based on a complaint. We asked the Sheriff’s rep if DCFS paid a visit because the complaint had merit. He said, “DCFS responds to all complaints.” He added that DCFS closed the case on the spot, at the house. According to the rep: “Everyone was fine” so it was “case closed.”


DCFS visit was just political According to The Insider, at around 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 8, a Sheriff’s Deputy from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department accompanied investigators from the Department Of Children and Family Services to the Malibu home of Britney Spears.

A source tells Us that the Sheriff’s visit was part of the ongoing investigation into allegations that Spears drove a car while her baby, Sean Preston, sat on her lap. “It was part of the child endangerment investigation,” says the source, who adds that Britney was told ahead of time by her lawyers that the DFCS would be paying a visit. “She knew they were coming. It was all standard.” Source says that Spears’ attorneys do not expect Britney to be prosecuted. “It’s all political. They have to do [the investigation].”


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