Britney settled a seven-year long lawsuit to avoid going to trial.


Britney settled a seven-year long lawsuit with self-proclaimed ex manager Sam Lutfi.

The Glory singer took a huge stride towards putting the past behind her. After years of back and forth between the Spears family / legal team and Lutfi, their legal dispute reached a settlement.

TMZ reports Britney paid Lutfi, who was suing her and her family for defamation (among other things), “in the low 6 figures,” but less than what it’d cost her in legal fees to defend the suit (around $500,000).

A judge tossed his suit in 2012 because she felt there wasn’t sufficient evidence to send to the jury, but Lutfi appealed. He sued Spears for $960,000, or what he felt he should’ve earned as Britney’s manager during his stint as her representation. He also denied allegations in mom Lynne’s book, “Through The Storm,” that he gave Britney drugs. Lutfi requested Britney’s medical records for that time period in an attempt to prove he was a good influence, but the judge denied his request, saying: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that information.”

By Britney settling with Lutfi, she avoids going to trial, which was set to begin in L.A. next month. You might think the pop star paying him any money is a travesty, but look at it this way: a decade-long raincloud over her head has evaporated.

The news follows reports Britney threatened to sue In Touch Weekly and any other publication fabricating stories to make her appear erratic, an image she’s worked tirelessly to change for 10 years.

Tall tale, such a damn shame. Hindsight, she can see it all so plain.

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