You read that right, Miley’s next record ‘is not a Miley record.’

Miley's Flaming Lips Collaboration Is 'Not A Miley Record'

An inside source says her upcoming album with Flaming Lips is unlike anything she’s previously done.

If you’re ready for new solo Miley material, sit tight. The 22-year-old is working on her own album, but has her sights set on releasing a collaboration with Flaming Lips first (reportedly named Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets after the passing of her first dog Floyd). This might be the “free” album she wants to put forth. Manager Adam Leber told Marie Claire last month, “If RCA wasn’t down the gratis plan, she was prepared to buy herself out of the label.”

A source close to Miley called Billboard to set the record straight.

“It’s not a Miley record,” the source insisted. “It’s a project she’s been working on with the Flaming Lips. It’s amazing, it’s incredible, it just needs to be understood that it’s not a typical, straightforward Miley record — we don’t want there to be confusion in the marketplace.”

As for what the album sounds like, “It is somewhat psychedelic rock, but Miley’s writing sensibilities lean toward pop, so it’s a nice, healthy mix of both,” the source added. “But at the end of the day, it is Miley.” Coyne described it as “Portishead and Pink Floyd.”

Miley’s experienced several leaks as of late, including a song titled “Nightmare” and another named “Freaky”, gaving fans a promising sneak peek at what they could expect from the “Bangerz” singer next installment. She also recently performed a song titled “Tiger Dreams,” which may be a more accurate representation of the “not a Miley record” record.

“The release is “a throwback to a time when people released [albums] that were synergistic and not just a collection of songs,” the source said. “She’s super-excited about it. The Flaming Lips are her favorite band and she’s wanted to work with them her entire life. I think people are really going to be surprised.”

The unnamed source also clarified she remains signed to RCA Records, no matter how the Flaming Lips collabo gets distributed (free or not). “RCA has been a phenomenal partner,” the source says. “They let an artist be an artist, and there’s zero animosity. They’ve been a part of this every step of the way.”