Miley Cyrus fans are less than thrilled with the singer’s latest admission.

It’s no secret Miley isn’t 100% here for the mega pop star look anymore. Younger Now was a subpar attempt at a re-emergence as a formidable pop star after Dead Petz, but it didn’t connect with Smilerz or the general public the way Bangerz had. People like their tongue-wagging, scantily clad Miley and that’s that. Everyone except Miley.

On Monday’s episode of The Voice, Miley congratulated one of the contestant’s for making a song her own, then dropped the bomb: she doesn’t really care for pop music.

“I’m the pop star sitting here and I don’t even like pop music half the time. I don’t even like my own pop music most of the time.”


Sure it’s cringeworthy, but hey… at least she’s honest. And consistent! In a 2010 Billboard cover story, Miley said something similar. “I listen to zero pop music, which is really weird for someone who makes pop music.”

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