Mike WiLL Made It!


Miley and Mike WiLL are making more bangerz.

While the rest take the weekend off for Coachella, Miley’s still working in the studio – although she could easily be mistaken for another #faded underage attendee in her red-lit studio.

The new song she just previewed on her Instagram sounds utterly insane and totally amazing at the same time, as she chants like head cheerleader over a beat reminiscent of Pharrell’s production on Gwen’s “Yummy.”

“No way! Uh huh, go play! Do you wanna ******** gummy? It’s magically delicious!”

Yes, those are real lyrics. Are you surprised? They make as much sense as her Instagram feed.

We know Miley and Pharrell have worked together in the past but he doesn’t seem to be involved as she tagged Mike WiLL Made-It and Rae Smemmurd in the haz-ay post.

Regardless of who’s behind the production, I’m just impressed that Miley sounds so coherent when she’s getting so #turnt up in the studio.

@raesremmurd werkin on yo next no flexed and @mikewillmadeit ovaaaa hurrrr sleeeeepin

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Are you ready for new Miley?