Cyrus dropped by Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to reveal how excited she is to work alongside Alicia Keys.


Miley Cyrus might be one of the easiest artists to interview.

Fallon let Miley do most of the work during her appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, sitting back as the Dead Petz singer gabbed about her upcoming role on next season of The Voice alongside Alicia Keys.

“I think The Voice this year is going to be very fun because we’ve got Alicia,” Miley said. “I think a lot of people like to see Blake and Adam go back and forth, and we are kind of very much the opposite. We were together today and it’s a love fest. Her and I are extremely mellow so I think when people put girls on TV, they expect there’s going to be drama and cat-fights and we couldn’t be more the opposite.”

Watch here:

The two also played Funny Face Off, a game where they had to re-create ridiculous faces by kids. Fallon remarked Miley looked like a “broken doll.” “Thank you. A broken doll. That’s me very much,” Cyrus said. Fallon quickly added, “In the best way.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Also last night, Alicia Keys gave fans of The Voice a taste of what they can expect – swinging by to perform her new single “In Common.”

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