Miley sings alongside Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! for homeless LGBT youth.

Miley Cyrus' Latest Backyard Session With Laura Jane Grace

Miley Cyrus shared another Backyard Session in support of her Happy Hippie Foundation, this time with Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Miley recently launched Happy Hippie Foundation which battles the injustices faced by homeless LGBT youth. To promote her new philanthropic endeavor, she’s performing with some of music’s greatest in the comfort of her very own backyard. Previously, Miley shared the mic with Joan Jett for their rendition of “Different.” Now, Miley sings back-up during her session with Laura Jane Grace and drummer Atom Willard of Against Me! who covered an acoustic version of the band’s “True Trans Soul Rebel” off their latest 2014 album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

Watch that here:

Lending her star power is an incredible gift to the displaced LGBT youngsters, and to do it through music is exceptionally inspirational.

“The position I’m in, I feel like I’ve got a lot of power,” Miley said last week of the HHF. “But so many kids don’t feel that way. They’re under their parents’ rule. When you have all eyes on you, what are you saying? And that’s what I had to ask myself a lot,” she said. “It’s like, I know you’re going to look at me more if my (breasts) are out, so look at me. And then I’m going to tell you about my foundation for an hour and totally hustle you.”

“It’s not going to be an overnight process,” she said. “You’ve got to get into a lot of people’s brains and you’ve got to really make this a topic.”

Still to come are performances from Melanie Safka and Ariana Grande.

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