Hannah Montana rolls in her grave; Miley Cyrus is naked again.

Miley’s buddy, Cheyne Thomas, snapped another set of racy photos of Miley Cyrus, this time for V Magazine, and the “1989” impact is REAL.

In the explicit shots, Miley has no ***** about showing off her body, whether she’s in a tub covering her lady bits with bubbles or looking crack chic (don’t you know that’s in) in a ginger wig. There’s something eerie about the photos, but I appreciate what she’s trying to do – living the rebel heart life is pretty liberating, especially when you’re a millionaire popstar that no one wants to say no to. You want to parade around naked in a national magazine? Done!

BreatheHeavy had to censor the photos because this is a family-friendly site (is it???), but we’re sure after trolling the Internet for a second you’ll see her tatas in all their glory.

She’s just being Miley…

See them here:

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