She had a dream.


Miley dropped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to dish about her new song “Malibu,” and left a couple of tidbits worth mentioning. For starters, her new album (as of now) has 11 songs in total.

The pop star also recalled a curious dream she had that she then channeled into writing a new song.

“We were going to a movie theater and the song that I hadn’t yet written came on the radio; it was like your show,” she explained. “[Noah] was like, ‘That’s such a good song! This is a hit!’ and I said, ‘I wish I would’ve written it,’ because it was someone else singing it in my dream. Then I woke up the next day and I was sure it was a real song and this had happened — and it wasn’t! It was a song that I then got to write which was very cool.”



Happy birthday to us.

On Thursday, Miley Cyrus made a splash when she released her summery new tune “Malibu,” complete with a beachy music video of her frolicking seaside with a bouquet of balloons. It’s what the world needs right now, and there’s more of it on the way.

In a new interview with Radio Disney Country, the pop star revealed plans to put forth her Dead Petz followup in October – not because of the impending holiday consumer crush, but because it falls around her birthday (November 23).

“The album’s gonna come out later in the year… maybe around October,” she said. “I always like to put songs out near my birthday cause it’s always fun.”

That gives the singer ample time to release a few more songs before the record release. I love the direction Miley is going in, but my summer is going to need a banger(z).

Watch below:

Re-visit “Malibu,” then afterward watch Miley break down how she made the song to begin with:

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