Rumors popped up in May about a possible Britney / Miley collaboration after the “We Can’t Stop” singer posted on Facebook she worked late in the studio with and said “#yalldontevenknowww.”

Today, Miley almost spilled the beans during an interview with KIIS FM in Germany, saying she has her dream artist on her album, but can’t say who.

Interviewer: “Very big names in the music industry that you worked with already, you’re 20 years old. Who is going to be next?”
Miley: “I have my, like, dream person on my record but I can’t tell you. If I tell you then I have to kill you and I don’t wanna do that cause I like you and you gotta tell me all the clubs I gotta go to so I can’t tell you.”
I: “Ok, I can live with that one.”
M: “But when you hear it, you’ll know that must have been the dream one.”
I: “Ok so, any-”
M: “It’s a female artist.”
I: “Blond?”
M: “Maybe… If I tell you that-”
M: “I’m telling you too much, I can’t tell you!”

Check it out at 7:12.

In March, a story posted about the IDEA of a Britney/Miley collab sparked a lot of interest.

Miley shares the same management as Britney AND is working with Will.I.Am in the studio.

This kitten got your tongue tied in knots I see. Looks like the cat’s (almost) out of the bag!