Miley Cyrus produces great pop music (I’m not your robot, *****!) and praised Britney for her inspiring talents during the Blackout breakdown. When news broke Miley Cyrus signed to Team Britney aka B’s manager, Larry Rudolph, fans supported it. Hey, there’s a first for everything!

Britney rarely jumps in on another artist’s track because, let’s face it… she’s too cool for school, but with Miley signing to label RCA and Reigndeer Entertainment it definitely is a possibility.

Here’s a few reasons why a collaboration between Britney and Miley should happen:

– Miley is a chameleon in pop music – she can rock a party in the USA, perform a country ballad or switch on the synthesizer for an electric jam.

– She hooked up with Timbaland on a track called “We Belong To The Music” and didn’t give a **** to promote it; it wasn’t about how many singles she could sell or the number ones – she did it because it was a cool move to sneak in, lay down her vocals and bounce. She belongs to the music, Britney’s against it (“In The Zone” reference and you will deal).

– She can’t be tamed… neither could Britney.

– Madonna passed the torch through Britney’s mouth at the 2003 VMA’s, so it’s only fair Britney commend her fellow up-and-comer with a collabo. However, B-girl won’t be passing any torch; the Queen lives on…

– And finally, it REEKS of girl power, and what do Britney and gays like more than girl power? Don’t answer that.

Back in early 2008, a radio DJ told Miley: “A lot of people are saying you could be the next Britney Spears. Now what are you going to do differently so that in 10 years we’re not going to be saying oh that Miley Ray Cyrus… she’s crazy!”

Miley responded off the cuff:
“Well for me it’s like… At first when people say that to me I take that as a compliment because she’s so talented, and stinkin’ genius, and right now she’s just at a hard time. I think she’s gonna get through it and I think it’s gonna be such a big triumph at the end when everyone sees her come back, and I’m gonna be so proud of her because I feel to me they’re like family just because I’ve spent so much time praying for them… I just feel like [she’s] gonna come out and be amazing.”

What do YOU think? Are you down for a Britney/Miley collabo?

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