Miley Cyrus: Britney Has An Iconic Voice

September 14, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Miley Cyrus talks about Britney on Alan Carr: Chatty Man this week, revealing how the “SMS (Bangerz)” collaboration came about, as well as what The Queen thought about Miley’s controversial VMA performance.

So how did the duet come about?

“Well, we’ve been trying to work together and I felt like there had to be that right time, and after “Can’t Stop” came out, she had called and said how much she loved the song,” Miley says. “At first she heard the song and she didn’t know it was me, and then she watched the video and just sort of fell in love with the video.”

There was a time when Britney felt overprotected growing into womanhood, so she connected to that.

“I think it kind of reminded her of what she did when she was 20 and the feeling of kind of wanting to free yourself and represent so many girls, and so it was cool to be able to get her on the song, because I don’t think there’s any pop idol that I care about more than I care about Britney, because that was the first CD I ever bought.”

“What many girls think of me, that’s how I think of Britney, so it was cool […] I feel like there’s so much her and I connect on, and I had to have her, so it was so cool it’s a fast one – it’s got to be!”

Having Britney on her upcoming album was a big to-do for Miley.

“It’s Britney b***h. She’s got one of those voices, that as soon as it comes on everyone in the world knows it’s Britney Spears, and that’s what I wanted – it was less about her coming in and singing and it was more about her kind of, I wanted her to get in there and really be able to hear her tone, because I feel like it’s just one of those iconic voices that, even her speaking voice is just so iconic. It’s really cool I’m excited.”

Check out that and more (starting at 3:37).